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Dennis Paul Sampson

My Uncle Lenny Sampson provided this information to my dad Paul Dosity Sampson, son of Clarence Sampson and Rose (Sferrazza) Sampson (he lives in NH). My brother (David Leonard Sampson) and I both have kids - mostly girls (3 girls and 1 boy) - Mikayla Elizabeth Sampson, Katherine (Katie) Rose Sampson, Dylan Bradshaw Sampson (my three kids) and Bella Sampson (Dave's only child). Your website is fantistic - always wondered about my ancestory. My mother's side goes back to Tahiti (which I have researched myself with my grandfather back in the day). I look forward to reading more about the locations my ancestors came from.

Again - thanks for providing this information

sharon buckland(boudreau, samson

My grandmother on my moms side was a Samson. She lived in Louisdale cape breton nova scotia and was married to simon boudreau. Still trying to find out more and will post when i do.

G. Alfred Samson

always looking for info the our family

Take care AL.


Hi Charles. I'm fifteen years old and I started getting into genealogy in September. I've discovered many hidden secrets, but this site by far reveals the most. After tracing myself directly back to Toussaint Samson, I found this site. It surprised me that all of this information could be found and kept preserved for all of these years. Thank you for helping me piece together who I am.

aldo castillo-de lion

Good job Charles!!! We do have something in common: i also have french ancestry (de lion) even though my grandfather came from Italy and settled in Venezuela (new world). Now I am in the U.S. and who knows?...

Teresa (Sampson) Vallieres

Dear Charles:

I have been very blessed by all of your hard work. You have assisted me in finding family that I would not have found. Thank you so much!

L. Lemelin

Mr. Samson, Your website is outstanding! I am inspired! You have done remarkable work.

I found your site while "surfing" for information on an ancestor named Marie Salome Samson (1761-1816). See the info I have on her at

Her origins are yet unknown. I did not find her in your list of descendants. She and her first husband, a hessian soldier name Johann (John, Jean) Lessert, are still a mystery.

Congratulations again on your amazing website.

William Alferd (Bill) Sampson

Thanks Charles for the work you have done on this over the years. Your information is so valuable to all in the family.

John Samson

Hi Charles

Wonderful website..thank you. I am from New Zealand and my family originaly came from Wales. My fathers father was also named Charles Samson.
Keep up the great work !

Peter Samson

Hi Charles, wonderful website! it is always interesting to find others with the Samson name.

My grandfather, who shares my name, originally came from Denmark. Unfortunately he died before I was born, so I missed out on his story about coming to America with a brother, who died in transit, in the early 1900s.

I have done a little research and contacted other family members that still live in Denmark, and I've actually visited other there was amazing! They have information on the Danish Samson family dating back to the 1200's. That was pretty cool to find out.

Great job with all the research. You have inspired me to get back in the hunt again myself...thanks.

Rita Doiron Mooney


You and I corresponded in 2002. I have Marchand relatives, but we were not able to make a connection. My husband and I just met with your mom. We are planning a trip to Nova Scotia and she was kind enough to help us with our routing. She told me about your website. You have done a really nice job. I'm still doing my family's genealogy, but I've run into roadblocks on most lines at this point. Still, I never give up and am constantly searching.

Claire Nolan Pelchat

Thank you, Charles, for all the work you have done to keep the memory of our ancestors alive.

Kim Landry Richards


Madeleine E. Samson

Very enjoyable and knowledgeable reading!


Hello Charles: Well done.... thank you for all your hard work and dedication.... without your original help I would have not put my personal genealogy together... nor would I have found my family in L'Ardoise - who I never knew about for over 60 years without that genealogy. You are a blessing, Mary LeBlanc

Pamela Sampson

Thank you for all your amazing research! I first started to research my family in 1999 and it was because of your incredible assistance that the pieces all came together. I will always be grateful to you for steering me in the right direction.
Warmest regards,
Pam from Boston

Mary Martell Pinkerton

This is wonderful! So much information and the photographs are beautiful.
The history of the loss of so many of my family members at sea was movingly told. How did they find such courage? The photography is excellent. I have been to N.S. and to France and i continue to study French. When I return to these places, I will even more respect for what the Samsons accomplished. I'm proud to be a descendent of this family. Thank you so very much.
Very best regards,

Mary Martell Pinkerton-

Jeanne Joyce-Stone

Very well done Charles! beautiful website! congratulations!

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