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Chantal (Samson) and Shalyssa DeBin

Hi Charles! We found your website incredibly informative and integral to learning about our family history. We are Gabriel and Francoise Durand's son Jean-Baptiste (1677-1746. We were hoping to connect with you to learn how we are related. Please email me at any time. Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon!

Joyce Smith

Antoine Samson born in Quebec in 1796 or 1797 was my 3X great grandfather, and his daughter Lorinda Susan Sampson born in Quebec city in 1819 was my second great grandmother.

Karen Church

My 3x ggrandfather was Antoine Sampson (Samson) born 1796 in Canada East. He married Elizabeth Ranbarier in 1818-1819. She was born in 1791 also in Canada East. (Exact locations of births not known). They had 2 children, Lorinda Susan b.1819 in Quebec City and and Anastasia b.1821 in Canada East. I have 3 DNA matches with people whose ancestors are Samson. Two of them have direct ancestral lines to Gabriel and one to Jacques.

The census for 1861 confirms that Antoine and Elizabeth lived in Palmerston, Frontenac Co., Canada West. Antoine died Dec. 23, 1876 in Palmerston, Frontenac, Ontario, Canada. Date of Elizabeth's death is not known.

I realize there is a direct relationship to the Samsons but am unable to determine to whom in the Gabriel/Jacques Samson line. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thank you.

Darrell Sampson

Amherstburg, Ontario Canada

C. Sampson

I am searching for information regarding my Great-Grandfather (Fearman Sampson, although I feel the spelling of his first name was in error?) & Great-Grandmother (Mary Samson-Sampson) from Quebec, who immigrated to MN in 1867? He was born in 1842, but this has been all the information I have.

Thank You.

linda sampson

Gabriel Samson and Francoise Durand are my great grandparents times 8.
Iam the granddaughter of Joseph C Samson/Sampson from L'Ardoise,Richmond Co N.S.

Douglas Cochrane

Absolutely wonderful website. Very informative and helpful, and a pleasure to visit. I am wondering if anyone on this forum can tell me if the Samsons of Isle Madame intermarried with the Mi'Kmaw inhabitants of the island or surrounding area? I am conducting genealogical research for my client who is a Martel, and a descendant of the Samsons of Isle Madame, and she has tasked me with finding Mi'Kmaw ancestry. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Amitiés d'un Samson du Cotentin (Normandie, France)

Zachary C. Warzel

My grandfather is Donald Samson from Quebec City. I live in Denver, Colorado. My three year old son's name is Rye Samson Warzel. Thanks for putting this website together.

Charlene Beaulieu

I am the great grandaughter of the late Albert Marchand and Marguerite Anne Samson. My grandfather was Alphonse Marchand born March 7th 1917. He was baptised March 16 1917 at the Parish of St. Louis in Louisdale Nova Scotia. His godparents were Alphonse Samson and Marie Samson. My grandfather died when my mother was pregnant for me.I am very interested in finding out any information I can get. My mother's 66th birthday is coming up in April & would love to do something special for her. I know that my grandfather had 2 brothers Amedee Marchand (not sure of the spelling of his name) but I knew him & he died when I was younger. He had 1 adopted child & lived in Toronto. My grandfather also had another brother name Leonard Marchand who was never married. Trying to find some of my mother's cousins. Any information would help. Thanks

Eleanor Samson

Hello Charles

I enjoyed looking/reading on your site, especially the Cape Breton Section. I was born in L'Ardoise. My Father was Charles Stanley Samson, my Grandfather was Albany/Albanie Samson who was married to Rose Prejean(sonetimes spelled Preshong). It seems that my grandparents could have been related (who knew). A cousin who lived in Boston worked on our family tree many years ago, I'll have to try to find the paperwork he sent to my family.

I'm going to put your site in my favorites. Thank you for the info.


Therese Boudreau

Thank you for all your work creating this amazing piece of history! I'm grateful and look forward to sharing it with my decendants!

Judy Inglis Lancaster

Charles I am the widow of Doug Lancaster, Halifax Nova Scotia. Doug's mother was a Sampson, daughter of Dan Sampson and Jane (Barrett). Both were born in L'Ardoise. I know you were in contact with Doug's aunt, the late Evangeline (Sampson) Foster, the last surviving member of her immediate family I have information to share with you and wondering the best way to do that. Evangeline gave me papers with your postal mailing address it on it. I could send it that way or to your personal email address. Hoping to hear from you.

William A. (Bill) Sampson

Hi Charles, Bill Sampson here. I had communication years ago while I was living in Middleton NS. I might be in your address book as

If you have Facebook there has been a lot of Vintage pictures of Isle Madame and Arichat area recently:
Page is: Nova Scotia - Memories of Days Gone By

Thought you might be interested. I also posted a link to your Samson Family homepage on the facebook page.

Take Care, Bill

Donna Sampson Garrison

Hoping to trace my ancestry to this lineage. I've been using Have information back to the 1800's.

William O Samson

My wife is working on our genealogy and we ran across you site. Very interesting. If we are correct we have traced the family back to the brothers who left France for Canada.

Lory Winter

I'm seeking information my family has just found birth records pertaining to my father being adopted.His birth mother is listed as Mary Samson of Rutland, Vermont .Your information pertaining to Mary Louise Amanda Samson corolates amazingly well with the pieces of information we have at present including his surname at birth having been Jones.Mary Louise Amanda Samson dob 9-12-1892 the last of the children born to Georges Samson and Emelle Laventure.To be sure this search is in its early stages much needs to be confirmed. The way that the names dates and known details pertaining to my fathers personal history align with complete accuracy makes this possible truth most amazing.To have history where there has been nothing of substance would be most welcome.Any further information or suggestions would be most appreciated.

Cathy Brooks

This site is simply amazing!! My mother is a Madden from L'Ardoise, her mother was Jean Sam(p)son, daughter of Arthur Urbain Samson and granddaughter of Thomas Lucius Samson. Love all of this information, thank you so much for all of your work. Can you tell me if there have been any updates to this? Again, thank you so very much and I would love to connect with relatives, but seems as though there are so many of us related :)

Luc Samson

Mon ancètre et Jacques et mon père était également un achitecte. Originaire de Lévis, je demeure maintenant à Québec Qc.

Laurel Sampson

Just very interested in the family history

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