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Kevin Conroy

This is a great resource to help back up info from other sources. Is there a way to add to this great work?

Nicole Samson

Merci pour vos recherches.

Paul E.Samson

Dear Charles : Did connect to your Homepage a couple years ago & have enjoyed reading back to our common ancestors in St.Gatien-Des Bois ,France. I am now 92 yrs. old & Doing less on the computer every day.
Hope all is well with you & yours. Paul in Chicopee MA 01020

Ray Sampson

Thanks for the information, just getting started....
I'm a
L'Ardoise Sampson, I'll forward our family information.

Susan perry

My name is Susan Perry, I am the Daughter of Marie Jean Boylan (nee Petitpas)

Her first cousin, Lucille, is married to Theophile Samson in Petit de Grat. Isle Madame, Cape Breton. We are visiting soon.

Therese Boudreau

Thanks so much for compiling all the info!

Dave Forgeron

My people originally came from Rouen, in Normandie which I visited in 2007. While there we made day trips to Dieppe, Honfleur, and to Courseulles-sur-Mer so we could visit Juno Beach, the area that Canada was responsible for on D-Day. We also visited St. Gatien-des-Bois as one of our friends with us was a Samson from Petit-de-Grat whose picture I took in the church standing next to the plaque erected re Jacques's & Gabriel's expedition to the New World. Very interesting village!

Diana decoste samson

very interested in family history am related in some way

Marie Jean Boylan (nee Petitpas)

My first cousin, Lucille, is married to Theophile Samson in Petit de Grat. Isle Madame, Cape Breton.

Richard Samson

very good reading.

Elizabeth Boudreau Henri

Thank you so much for all this information on the mothers mother was a Samson from Petit de Grat . I have always been very interested in my family and have been working at it since 1982 .there are still a lot of unanswered questions that I would love to put it all together . Could you tell me where I could go to get more info. My father was a Boudreau and my mother was a Landry .thanks Liz Henri

Lillian Samson Guitreau

I am interested in my father's history. He was Joseph Dona Samson from New Roads, Louisiana. My dad died in 1982. His father was Joseph Elias Samson married to Lillian Lorio Samson. do you have family history?

Hello Lillian:  Your line of the Samson tree goes back to Francois Laurens Samson who was born in St. Malo, France and came to Louisiana where he married Francoise Perinne Jarreau in New Roads on June 9, 1783.  I have not been able to tie in your line to the Samsons of Quebec or Nova Scotia.  Francois' father was Francois Samson b. 1699 in St. Quentin, Normandy, so our two lines come from Normandy and may have the same source if we were able to trace back far enough.  Your lineage is Francois Laurens > Terrence > Vincent > Francois Dano > Joseph Elias (m. Lilianne Marie Lorio).


Hello, I enjoyed your site. Great site thank you top 3 liste ,

Dorothy R. Sampson

Wow, imagine my surprise when I searched on St Gatien-Des-Bois, France and found this website. I am one of the many cousins, my father was from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Raymond Sampson, the "p" was added somewhere along the line, not sure when or why.

Thank you for all of your work and all of the great information.

Geneviève M. Samson

Bonjour, J’ai trouvé votre site l’année dernière alors que je commençais à faire une recherche sur mon arrière-grand-père Isaïe Samson(1843-1890)originaire de lauzon, Québec,Canada. Votre site est très intéressant et informatif, les photographies de St-Gatien-des-bois m'ont bien touchées. Un grand merci pour votre générosité, vous avez accompli un travail extraordinaire! Now, I would love to share the information I have gathered on my grand-father and his descendants. He has great-great-grandchildren, some in their mid-twenties with last one born in 2001. Here is our lineage starting with my father: Laurent-Marie10, Onésiphore9, Isaie8, Joseph-Amboise7, Charles-Ambroise6, Joseph-Ambroise5, Amboise-Augustin4, Ignace3, Jacques2, Toussaint1. Looking forward to your response. Best regards, Geneviève M. Samson, Québec Canada.

Sonny Samson

Who is our great great great great great grandpa

Hugh O'Handley Jr

GGSon of Annie Sampson and George Davidson and GSon of their daughter Sarah Anne Davidson O'Handley, Sydney Mines, NS.

Jim Moran

Hi Charles,
Descendant of Jeffrey Samson and Emma Rehberg. Great site and information to add to my tree - continuously growing. Interesting how the families have kept the P or lost it. Thank You for ALL the work you have done to make this a living document. From Montreal to Alberta its hard to find info - your site pretty much fills in the blanks.

Jim Moran

Lena Samson

Charlie, I am looking on behalf of a member on our site,Judy MacIntyre, who has been looking for 20 years to find what happened to her ggrandfather, Norman Samson , s/o Hubert Samson and Marine Gerroir. Norman married Charlotte LeBlanc, and moved to River Bourgeois. They had a daughter, Priscilla Viola, who was abt one year old, when her father drowned abt 1901.Would ther be an obit around that time for a Norman Samson, in River Bourgeois.
If you get this , let me know, I am having a lot of trouble sending mail out.

Catherine samson

Bonjour mon pere s'appelait Dassylva samson et mon grand-père Dassylva samson née en gaspesie à l'anse au griffon près de gaspe

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