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Clearly, I thank for the information.

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David M Sampson

Looking for photographs of joseph Sampson born and died in Quebec married to Josephine Bouchard in Lewiston Me
died 1903

Andre Boudrias

Je cherche les parents de l'abbé André Samson né à Moncton le 24 septembre 1954


Andre Boudrias

Je cherche les parents de l'abbé André Samson C.O., professeur à l'Université d'Ottawa, né le 24 septembre 1954 à Moncton, N.B.


Ken Samson

Hi...Interesting history


hmm... tres interesant...

Yvonne (Desrochers) Tuttle

Regarding the 1967 Samson family reunion in Pointe de Levis, Quebec; I've come across information that the church, St. Antoine de Bienville was built after Jacques Samson and Marie Anne Metru had died and that it has been turned into condos. I'm wondering if anyone has any more information about the church's history and it's current status. Also, does anyone know if the granite monument that was put there in 1967 is still there? While I'm at it, one more question please. Does anyone know which Samson family member Rue Samson in Pointe Levis was named after? My husban and I are takeing a trip to Quebec City and plan to search out the Samson sites in Pointe de Levis.

Melvin Edward Sampson

Doing some family history work. Hope to find out more information abut the family in general. Thanks


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Dawn Distler

Hello, thank you so much for doing this site. I am the great grandaughter of Amelda Samson. Daughter of Celina Isabelle and Joseph Arthur Samson She married Arthur Langlois. I have been looking for some family history and all your info has helped me greatly thank you so much, and I dont' know but if anyone has accumulated any pics to share that would be great. I have several of Amelda but none of Joseph her husband or any of Ameldas sisters.

Susan (King) Porter

Hi there,
I don't know if you monitor this page still, but I hope you do! I live in the U.S. but am in Nova Scotia, and doing some genealogy while I am here. I came across your page while researching my ancestors from the Samson family. THANK you for all the work! It was very exciting to find all this information in one spot. My lineage is through Abraham Samson/Justine Marchand. Their son Marin Samson married Marie Boudreau, and produced Maria Samson. Maria Samson is my great grandmother. She married Thomas Boudreau and moved to the United States (Boston). After having 4 children, Thomas died at 32 and Maria remarried, but her daughter, Mary Boudreau, is my grandmother. I believe all that info is on in the Bullock Family Tree. Just wanted to touch base! I am just getting started looking into this. It turns out that BOTH sides of my family came from this area, so there is a lot to look at!
Thanks again,


Good Morning,

I'm french; I look for some informations about Marie SAMSON married with Pierre METAYER 08-04-1788 at QUEBEC.
I'm a descendant of grand'mother's Pierre METAYER.

Do you know this family and if the answer is yes, do you know the descendants?

Thanks for advance.

Jacqueline BERNARD

Barb McLean

Hi, my great grandmother was from the Samson line she was Marie Octavie Fougere her father was:
Henry9 Fougere (Simon8, Michel7, Marguerite Genevieve6 Samson, Jean Baptiste5, Matthieu4, Gabriel3, Gabriel2, Toussaint1) was born 15 Nov 1863 in D' Escousse, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada. He married Rosalie LeCointe 18 Jan 1892 in D' Escousse, Richmond County Nova Scotia, daughter of Pacific LeCointe and Judith McDonald. She was born 15 Mar 1871 in D' Escousse, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada.

Children of Henry Fougere and Rosalie LeCointe are:
Wilfred10 Fougere, b. 28 Nov 1893, D' Escousse, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada.
* Marie Octavie Fougere, b. 02 Sep 1895, D' Escousse, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia Canada.

Yvonne Desrochers Tuttle

Hello. I am so excited to have discovered your wonderful web site. I am the daughter of Nelson Desrochers and Lucienne (Turgeon) Desrochers. My father, Nelson, was the son of Aime Desrochers and Emma (Samson) Desrochers of Wotton, Quebec, Canada. Jacques Samson and Marie Anne (Metru) Samson were my 7th or 8th (Not sure how far back at this writing)Great Grandparents. Please feel free to contact me with regard to our shared ancestry at any time. Thank you for sharing this wonderful information.

Lynda Maciejewski

My Grandmother was Alvina Marie Samson, born 1894 in Petit de Grat, Nova Scotia. Her father was Andre A Samson and his father was Abraham Samson and I was wondering if your family tree belongs with them also.
It is a very interesting history of this founding families, as they started these colonies.
My mother and her sisters left Nova Scotia when they were very young and moved to New York State. I thought it would be nice to connect with my mothers past ( Margaret Marchand).

Alex Samson

Merci pour ce site web, ca retrace bien l'histoire des Samson!


Thank you do much for sharing your valuable website. I am a granddaughter of Amando Monte Samson, eldest son to Jose Samson and Maximina Monte; a lawyer, and Retired Chief of National Security of Hawaii in the early 1990s, and who is also a World War II Veteran. His brother, Jesus Monte Samson, who retired in the US Navy, has resided in Charleston North Carolina, and has settled in the Visayas Region here in the Philippines 3 years now from this date, is still living as of this writing, but whose record is also found in the death records, (the source I lost the data), with Pacita Samson(wife) and Heidi Samson(youngest daughter) as the close relatives. And this has puzzled me until now.

Whatever information is available to you, kindly contact me through my email address: The information is very important for me to establish my Genealogy as part of the Royal Dynasties REsearch and Development.

Again, Thank you so much, dearest Charles A. Samson.

Gail Samson Giffen

Thank you for sharing your wonderful website. I was excited to find it years ago and continue to check in to see if any new updates. Stlll trying to see how my family made it to Northampton, MA USA. I did find a census with 6. Proculus Joseph Samson arrived USA and living with his brother Edouard Samson in Holyoke,MA USA Birth 1868, Death 20 SEP 1957.
My line is from 1. Gabriel:
2. Jean Baptiste Samson: Birth 05 OCT 1677,St Joseph de la Pointe Lévy,Death 29 APR 1746 St Joseph de la Pointe Lévy
3. Étienne jumeau Samson:Birth 18 SEP 1713 in Lauzon, Death 4 Feb 1743 St Joseph de la Pointe Lévy, Lauzon
4. Joseph Augustin Ambroise Samson:Birth 27 MAR 1740 St Joseph de la Pointe Lévy Death 17 APR 1796 Saint-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud
5. Edouard joseph Samson:Birth 19 JUL 1830 St-Pierre-de-la-Rivière-du-Sud, Montmagny,Death 29 JUL 1899St-Paul-de-Montminy, Montmagny
6. Proculus Joseph Samson:Birth 03 APR 1880 St Paul Montmague City,Death 13 AUG 1953 in Northampton, MA. USA
7. Ernest George Samson:Birth 03 FEB 1909 Northampton,MA, USA, Death 01 JAN 1960 in Northampton, MA, USA
and My father 8. Richard E Samson still living in Massachusetts.

Contact me with any comments!

Teresa (Sampson) Vallieres

Dear Charles:

Always loved and trusted your research. Just doing some checking after 15 years, I have some genealogy sites that have different information than I have so I want to see what you have on Gabriel Samson and Jeannie Martin and their children. Your site has always been very complete.

Your friend,
Teresa (Sampson) Vallieres

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