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Leo Samson

2742 bank road Kamloops bc. Canada v2b8e5

Son of Hector Samson and Juliet Gendron

Chad Sampson

Thank You

You have done a great job here. A realative used your site to develop an extensive branch of the Sampson/Samson family of Cape Breton but I have certainly found the earlier history very interesting.


Chad Sampson,
Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Andrew Samson

"I live in Scotland and looking to trace the origin of my surname

Sandy Evans

My 4th great-grandmother is Catherine Ann Samson, daughter of Benjamin Samson and Colombe Boucher. I currently live in Columbia,South Carolina, but a New England gal through and through. My mother was born in Glace Bay,Nova Scotia and some of my best childhood memories are our trips to visit grandmother and grandfather in Glace Bay. I became involved in family history in 1981 after attending the World Conference on Records in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have been hooked on family ever since!

Sherrie Haber

Thank You Thank you!!! for all the work that has made this collection! I am a descendant of Gabriel...
Gabriel, Jean Baptiste, Jean Baptiste, Joseph, Jean Baptiste, Cecile (m. Antoine Pothier), Marianna b 1874 (m. Ludger Baribault), Marguerite b 1908 (m. Louis Daviau), George (m. Louise Dulude), Denise (m. David Merchant), Sherrie (m. Ludwig Haber)
I would love to be included in any further research or gatherings. I have documentation on the items here that are not listed on your descendant chart if you would like them.
Thank you again

Louis Mallette

I am the son of Jacqueline Gilbert Antoinette Samson, the daughter of Jean Samson, direct descendents of Edme and Emile Samson of Paris, France. Edme and Emile started the Samson et Cie Porcelain factory in Paris in the 1830's and continued production until 1969. My mother did return to France from the USA to visit relatives. At least one cousin was still alive 20 years ago. I am looking for the "connection" between Emile and Jean Samson. Who were Emile's children? Did Emile have siblings?


Thanks so much for your site. We had heard several different family stories/myths about the Sampsons including that our family was originally from the US and fled to Nova Scotia to avoid the Revolutionary War. We know now that this was not the case.

My grandmother was Lillian Sampson
Her father was Albert Sam(p)son who came to the US in 1890 (we have an original document of the Declaration of Intention dated 1918 )
son of Laurent Remi Samson and Marie Terrio
son of Hubert Samson and Louise Richard
son of Sabastien Samson,
son of Michele Samson,
son of Michele Samson,
son of Gabriel Samson,
son of Gabriel Samson,
son of Toussaint Samson

Do you have information about Sebastien Samson?

If you are interested we could scan the document.


Lynn MacDonald

HI Charles,
My name is Lynn MacDonald and I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My grandfather (my mother's father) was Abraham Lawrence Samson (Sampson) b 10 April, 1892 L'Ardoise, NS he married Julia Perry of PEI

His father was Laurent Samson b 6 Nov 1846 and mother was Louise "Eliza" Martel b 18 Nov 1868.

My aunt had the opportunity to talk to a Kevin Sampson that told her about you. In turn, she told me. I am sometimes obsessed with my geneology research and proceeded to "google" you. I am really excited to read the Samson History you posted. May I keep in touch? Thank you.

Dylan Samson

Hello, do you happen to know what our Family crest is? I Have been trying to find it and cannot find one that seems legit.

Dylan Samson

Amazing :)

Diane Jarvis

Last week I visited St. Gatien-Des- Bois and walked in the church. I was very moved by my family heritage. My grandmother Rita Samson was baptized in L'Ardoise in August 25th 1902. Her parents Mary and Francois were descendents from Gabriel. I went to Cheticamp last year and gave my information to the geneologist there. I am looking to check my DNA for american indian heritage. My grandmother looked very MiqueMac. Thank you for this website and the work you have accomplished.

Thomas Giammo

On your "Cape Breton" page you state, relative to Gabriel Samson, "He is listed in the Port Toulouse census of 1734, born in Quebec, a carpenter, widower, with 2 sons under 15 years of age, and one daughter." The 1734 census of Port Toulouse, however, gives him two sons over 15 years of age - and not under.

Tracey Sampson

Thank you for providing this short history. I'm a little surprised that you know that there are 2 spellings of the family name but don't include a history of why the name changed.

 There are many more variant spellings of our surname than just two. In fact, the earliest French version was Sanson. More common variants are Semson, Sancon, Senson, Sansson, etc.  the name has had numerous spellings because there was no standard, it was simply written phonetically.  Sampson was used typically because it was more English sounding. 

Ray C Samson

Trying to find my gggggrandfather Benjamin Sampson who died in Knox County, Indiana in 1824 and was father of Richard Asbury Sampson?????????

 This is a different family, not the French Canadian/Acadian one. I believe your Benjamin Sampson was married to Margaret Warren. 


Hello! My Samson family decends from Gabriel Samson (Jean-Baptiste, Jean Baptiste, Jean-Baptiste, Jseph-Marie, Jean, Thomas (Damase), Rosanna Samson Bouvier, Cora Bouvier Jordan) and I am, I believe of the 11th generation. Most of my family resides in Connecticut, USA with cousins in Saskatchewan. It was a gift to see so much information about my heritage and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

jodie sampson

Iam the grand daughter of eugene francis sampson who was born in louisdale cn and was raised partly in sa.msons cove c.b hisvchildren were raised in south bar C.B. His parents were Felix Sampson and Emilee Merchabnte. All rasied acadie and first language French. Our family rerived from Gabriel Samson.Our family wa forced to place a p in our name by the justice of the "p" in order to anglify our people through blackmale. My grandfathers oldest brother who he never met due to 20 years age difference went to the states and married a french girl from louisana. my granfather is gwtting older and is forgetting dates and times so i have no idea wat family we could have down there. if anyone derives from my great grandparents feel free to find me on facebook or email.

Velma Anne Sam(p)son

I heard about you from my brother Paul Sampson, who lives in Victoria, BC and was in touch with you as he pieced together our family geneology. I just wanted to drop by your site and see what is here, which I shall bookmark.

I am the daughter of Albert Joseph Sam(p)son of L'Ardoise, Cape Breton who was married to my mother Mary Catharine Sam(p)son (yes a Sampson before marrying my dad) of Sydney, Cape Breton. My father was actually born in Boston. His father was Albert (Paddy) Patrick Sampson (I believe from France) and his mother was known as Dorothy (Dot) Crowley and it turns out her real name is Keohane, from Glengarrif County, West Cork, Ireland.

Although my name is spelled Sampson, my baptismal certificate bears what I consider to be the actual and correct spelling of Samson.

Anyway, just saying hello. I have been living in Toronto...and as of the end of April 2012...will be moving back to the Maritimes and will be living in Moncton!

Louise Samson

I am Louise Samson, daughter of Hervé Samson and Thérèse Robert, Hervé is the son of Alphonse, and then Ambroise, and then Ignace, Louise, Jean Baptiste, Jean Baptise (again) and Gabriel, the son of Toussaint Samson who esablished himself in Lévis.

I have 3 brothers, Jean-Marc, Robert and Gabriel.

Ron Frazier

My great grandmother was Marcellaine Samson Forest. My mother was Lucille Rose Forrest. I have complete information on my mother's siblings, if you are continuing to work on that genealogy, and are interested in adding updated info. I've done mine, but have given up on trying to keep track of the current generations.

Eugene Paul Samson

With your info. Plus my daughter visiting the church in France. I have got my family tree back to 1555. One of the stranges things is that one of the oldest Samson's was Paul, which is my middle name and my dad's first. Now if only I can get info on my first cousin Alan Samson, who lives in California. His dad is (my uncle) John B Samson and his mom is Marion. Uncle John died in Las Vegas, where he lived with his second wife ???? Any info would be helpful. Good Work Charles

 There is no proof who Toussaint Samson's parents were. So mid 1600's is the furthest back we can go. There is no documented proof that Toussaint was the son of Paul Samson. This is an error that has travelled around the Internet for several years. 

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