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This is my first visit to your site...who knows?

Richard S. Samson

What program are you using to keep track of your family history information? None of the programs that I have looked at seem to offer the same capabilities as the one you are using.

Thank you Richard for visiting my site. I have used Family Tree Maker since 1996 and found it easy to use and very reliable.

Pat K

This is a wonderful web site and a beautiful tribute to the Samson Family. Many thanks to you and all your contributors for publishing this information and sharing your research.

Anne-Marie Samson

Hello Mr. Samson.
I live in the Province of Quebec, Canada. I just discovered this wonderful site. I could have worthy information on the Samson family for you. My father had his genealogy made by Institut Drouin in the 40's. He is from the 10th generation which does not appear in the genealogy pages. My father, Jean J. Samson, was the son of Joseph Roch Samson, himself son of Joseph Edmond Samson. You also make reference to Madeleine Samson who has given you pictures of St.Gatien des bois's Church, and she could be my half sibling sister. We are from the Jacques Samson branch. If my informations can be of any use, plase contact me. Thank you for publishing this wonderful site.

Donna Mitchell

Wow, this site is awsome

Wayne Sampson

I came across your website and was absolutely delighted. I have been working on(or should I say trying to) the Sampson family tree sporadically for the last 10 years or so. I do have some information I got from Clement Burke who lives in River Tillard. We are what I call double first cousins - his mother, Edith May is the sister of my father Clarence Anthony - and his father, Xavier Burke is the brother of my mother, Monica Mary. I left Nova Scotia in 1982 to work in the arctic and spent 25 years there. I am now retired on an acreage 1 hour southeast of Edmonton, Alberta with my wife Linda. I am mostly trying to develop a flowchart showing lineage using various information I have collected over the years and supplementing it other information I find on the internet which includes your very valuable website that indicates a lot of work has been done by you and which I appreciate. I will include acknowledgement of your website and if you would like I can froward you a copy of my work when it is finished. Thanks again and I hope to hear from you. Wayne.

Barbara Lucier

After doing research on the Samson family for the last 8 years, my husband (whose mother was a Samson) and I traveled to Nova Scotia and spent the last two weeks visiting the sites that are important to the life of his ancestors (Frank 8, Pierre 7, Pierre Xavier 6, Pierre 5, Mathieu 4, Gabriel 3, Gabriel 2, Toussant 1). Armed with your information on dates and places, we visited the Fortress of Louisbourg, Port Royal, Annapolis Royal, L'Ardoise, and Grand Pre'. We also visited Halifax, The Cabot Trail, Glace Bay and Hal's Harbour to see the Bay of Fundy tides. It was a wonderful trip and helped us to live in their shoes for awhile and experience their lives through the excellent information provided by you on the Fortress of Louisbourg, Port Royal/Annapolis Royal and the moving portrael of the Deportation at Grand Pre'. Thanks for your assistance by providing so much information on the Samsons for our use. I applaud you for your time and work on this.
Barbara Lucier

Richard Scott Samson

Just trying to dig up a few relatives.

Jesus Erwin Samson

Samson, from the Philippines.

Jeanette Lodge

I am the grand-daughter to Rose(Samson)Bonacci and great grand-daughter to Wilfred (Willie) Samson and Minnie (Mary Alice Marchand)Samson of Louisdale Nova Scotia. Looking forward to learning more on the Samson/Sampson history. Jeanette(Bradford)Lodge

diane jarvis

Hi! I am new to and have been very excited my all the revelations about my past. My grandmother is Rita Samson, her father is Francois Samson a descendent of Gabriel. I would like to visit both St Gatie-des-boise, france and Cape Breton, nova scotia at some point. Do you have any information of any kind that would help me through my journey. I am thoroughly enjoying finding out about my past. Thanks Diane Jarvis

Vincent Samson

This is Ronda Samson- Hollon's older brother. I hope to see you in person one day Charles. Thank you.

Ronda Samson-Hollon

I enjoyed this information. I am the grandaughter of Laurence Samson, and Great-Granddaughter of Alfred and Obeline Samson. I have been gathering stories from my father, Lloyd, trying to piece it all together for my children before all is lost. Thank you.

Glen Sampson

Hello: I enjoyed looking through your web page. My grandfather was Willie Samson from Louisdale, NS

Barry Samson

Hello from Nelson, New Zealand.

My family have lived in NZ since the mid 19th C. My Great, Great Grandfather was Charles Samson who arrived in Dunedin in the South Island. I had heard that the family came from Scotland and before that the name had originated from France. My wife and I were in France a few years ago and came across a small village called St Samson. Do you have any information regarding who this person was? I am really interested in showing my three sons this web site and expanding their knowledge.
Charles and Robert seem to be names favoured by the Samson clan in NZ as well.
Best wishes

Richard Charles Samson

Born in Petit De Grat Isle Madame Cape Breton 1957 son Of Norman James Samson and Lillian Acton, presently living on Prince Edward Island Canada.

Deny Samson

Je viens de faire connaissance avec votre site et je le trouve très bien fait. Je m'intéresse moi aussi à la généalogie comme marotte.

Peter Francis Sampson

My cousin Kevin Sampson in Nova Scotia sent me your corresponding emails with the link to this site. This truly is amazing work. I found myself reading and imagining what each of the family members were going through as I read. My dad Francis (Peter) Thomas Sampson moved from Cape Breton to Hamilton, ON as a teen. I have a sister and we both have 2 kids and all still live in the Hamilton area. It is fascinating to read all this family history.

Question...who, when & why was the "p" added to the Sam(p)son name?
Great work!

Dennis Paul Sampson

My Uncle Lenny Sampson provided this information to my dad Paul Dosity Sampson, son of Clarence Sampson and Rose (Sferrazza) Sampson (he lives in NH). My brother (David Leonard Sampson) and I both have kids - mostly girls (3 girls and 1 boy) - Mikayla Elizabeth Sampson, Katherine (Katie) Rose Sampson, Dylan Bradshaw Sampson (my three kids) and Bella Sampson (Dave's only child). Your website is fantistic - always wondered about my ancestory. My mother's side goes back to Tahiti (which I have researched myself with my grandfather back in the day). I look forward to reading more about the locations my ancestors came from.

Again - thanks for providing this information

sharon buckland(boudreau, samson

My grandmother on my moms side was a Samson. She lived in Louisdale cape breton nova scotia and was married to simon boudreau. Still trying to find out more and will post when i do.

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